Fundamentals of Sound Production
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Sweatshop Studios is offering a ten-week program at our Katonah music studio for those who want hands-on experience in recording. The workshop, which includes online classes and on-site learning, will introduce students to contemporary music production techniques. It begins with the basics of sound fundamentals and teaches students how to use the tools available in the industry so they can create and improve their music. Classes are limited to about five students, so everyone gets individual attention and hands-on experience in the studio.
Collaboration is a stepping stone in music business today, and there is no better place to work with others than in a workshop environment. Aspiring audio engineers, musicians who want to take their craft to the next level and ambitious music lovers interested in the industry are all encouraged to apply.

Each week you will attend a scheduled live on-line class, as well as a 2-3 hour studio session.

The 2 hour live-on-line class will be interactive, and you will have access to relevant materials such as videos, diagrams, articles, etc. You will have access to the recorded classes for additional review. Checkout these two examples.
The classes are conducted by Michael White an accomplished engineer and superb teacher. You can read about him here.



At the studio session, you will get practical experience of the material you learned in class, and you will have hands-on experience of all aspects of the studio and recording. The Studio session will be conducted and supervised by Shaul Dover, Shaul is the owner of Sweatshop Studios, and has session credits with artists like Rob Thomas, Thalia, Ryan Reynolds, and many local bands and artists.

The cost of the program : $1995.00

This price include full access to all classes and materials on line (replay of class, videos, articles, diagrams, etc.) and attendance in the studio sessions. You will have direct access to our engineers/mentors  for any question you may have.

You will get a recording gear package that includes:

Interface - Steinberg UR22

Software - Cubase AI


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The program

CLASSES 1: Basics of Sound

  • Basic Acoustics
  • Recording Studio Design
  • Recording Studio Setup and Configuration
  • Monitoring – Speakers and Headphones
  • Basics of Recording Studio Equipment

CLASSES 2: Microphones and Miking Techniques 

  • What is a Microphone?
  • Types of Mics
  • Polar Patterns and Settings
  • Selecting the Right Microphone
  • Miking Techniques (Mono and Stereo)

CLASS 3: Audio Hardware and Signalflow 

  • Cabling and Connectors
  • Mic Preamps
  • Recording Consoles
  • Compressors and Equalizers
  • Routing Audio (Basic Signal-Flow)
  • Audio Interfaces

CLASS 4: Basic Recording Techniques

  • Recording Drums and Percussion
  • Recording Bass, Guitars and Keyboards
  • Recording Acoustic Instruments
  • Recording Vocals
  • Working With Click Tracks
  • Headphones, Monitoring and Communications

CLASS 5: Recording Software

  • Recording Software Basics
  • Creating and Managing Songs
  • Types of Tracks
  • Recording Audio
  • Recording MIDI
  • Managing Latency

CLASS 6: Recording and Layering Performances 

  • Organizing Tracks for Recording
  • Headphone Mixes
  • Managing Performances
  • Using Takes and Playlists
  • Layering Performances (Overdubbing)
  • Using Loops and Software Instruments

CLASS 7: Editing Audio and MIDI

  • Audio Files and Regions (Non-Destructive Editing)
  • Basic Editing Tools
  • Editing Drums and Instruments
  • Editing Vocals
  • Pitch Correction and Plugin Processing
  • Editing MIDI

CLASS 8: Mixing Audio

  • The Mixing Process (Step by Step)
  • Preparing a Song for Mixing
  • Levels, Panning and Subtractive EQ
  • Compression and Additive EQ
  • Effects Processing (Reverb, Delays and Special Effects)
  • Automation and Printing the Final Mix

CLASS 9: Mastering Audio

  • The Mastering Process
  • Mastering Software
  • Mastering for CD
  • Processing Techniques for Mastering
  • Exporting the Final Master

CLASS 10: Live Sound

  • Basics of Live Sound and Stage Layout
  • Front of House Mix (For the Audience)
  • Monitor Mix (For the Performers)
  • Mixing Live Performances
  • Recording Live Performance

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